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sha bao

Yeah. Childhood games! Everybody has their childhood games, right?   When I told my friends about mine, I got excited but I don’t think they understood what I was talking about. They would say “ that sounded so fun,” but I know part of their heart was saying, “what the hell was that.” But any way, today I am going to share one game I played every day with my little friends back from 1995. I really hope you will enjoy reading about my childhood game.

The game is called “Ren Shao Bao.” A Shao Bao is made of six small pieces of fabric ( Sometimes, you can instead use two pieces.)  You sew them together like the shape of cube. Before you sew the last two pieces together completely, you put wheat or rice inside to give it some weight. Back then,  my mom didn’t let me  touch her sewing machine, so I basically hand sewed all my “Shao Baos”. I guess that’s how I got my sewing skills. You can make your Shao Bao very cute by using different fabrics with lovely sewing stiches.

Now let’s talk about how to play the game! There are two teams. Generally there can be two, three or four members on each team. (For me, three is the best.) To win, one team has to get all the members of the other team out of the game by hitting them using Shao Bao. Two members of one team stand apart  at reasonable distance. All the team members of the other team stand in the middle. The team who is not in the middle throws shaobao to the team in the middle. The team in the middle will try to dodge or catch the Shao Bao to survive. If they catch the Shao Bao, they will get one point. If one is hit by the Shao Bao, and they don’t have any points, the member is out. The players who are still in the game can save their teammate by catching the Sha Bao. That’s how this game is played! I hope it’s clear enough for you to understand.

Now what’s your favorite childhood game?

(Image from cutv.)