I have always remembered the summer mornings when I rode my bike to the little vegetable garden our family maintained which was 10 minutes away from our house by bike. Summer mornings were always my favorite time of the whole year. The air would always be fresh and cool. The leaves of the vegetables were so green that I had no words to describe them. We had eggplants, peppers, green beans, cilantro, and sometimes tomatoes on the little piece of field. The leaves glistened brightly under the load of the heavy morning drew. I would often just stand alone among these vegetables, feeling free, calm, and very happy.

Later, I left the garden. I went to different places. I met more people and had more experiences. But the happiness is still there. Because the little piece of field never leaves.

I have created Hungry Beast as a small little place for me to share stories and things I love. It’s designed to be simple, and uncluttered with fancy trappings. I hope this little place would bring you some happiness and make you smile.

Thanks for stopping by.