Get up and Start Rolling

Get up and Start Rolling

Guys, I have to admit. The beginning of running this blog is tough for me. From the archive, you can see I have not been persistent. First, I want to apologize from my deep heart to you and also to myself.  This blog is really one of the most exciting things which have happened to me. How amazing it is to have a platform to share the things I love. I make my posting schedules and think about new topics I want to write every day.

However, when I start to write. I became a coward. Seriously, I would not argue for myself. I wrote one post. After an hour, I deleted it all. Then rewrote it again. What happened next was I didn’t have the courage to read what I wrote.  To be honest, I felt my writing was terrible. What scared me most was people who read it would laugh at me. I couldn’t believe I had that feeling. But this feeling hanged around me for quite a while.

Today, I decide to change. I have to get up and get myself rolling. In order to conquer my fear,  I have been watching videos about conquering your fear. One of them was an episode from Marie TV which was one interview with Elizabeth Gilbert. That interview is so inspiring and encouraging which opened my mind. If you also want to check the video, here is the link:

We all have fears which make our life sucks while make our life exciting. How to conquer your fear? I decide to be friends with it. But I want to have a big say in this friendship. No matter how much the fear wants to keep me in bed, I still can get up and start rolling every day.  How about you? Please share with me about your stories and your fears.


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  1. Hugh Dunkley January 29, 2016

    Keep trying,you’ll be fine. You’re very courageous to fight the fears you had. I’m still trying to get over my own insecurities and do what i know i must do.


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