Monday, That Day


Another Monday starts. I really want to say, “How exciting is that!” But the truth is Monday always has a strange vibe for me. In the morning, I would say to myself, “God, another week passed. I don’t think I achieved much.” However, back when I was working on a job I really didn’t like, my Monday situation was much worse. On Mondays, I was so psychologically sick. It took me forever to get the office. I even didn’t care if my boss was mad at me because I was sooooo late. When the day ended, I would be physically exhausted no matter if it’s a busy day.

Yes, I was so afraid of Mondays.Right now, I still feel nervous when Monday comes, but I don’t have that feeling of being so sick anymore. The reason I guess it’s because I am working on things I love and I am interested in. The power of doing things what you love is beyond description. I still need to work on stop being so nervous when Monday comes. But I know Monday would always have a special vibe. (Just like, on Mondays, The New York Times is usually thinner…)

How about your Monday? Is Monday special to you or how do you welcome Monday when it comes?


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