Laundry mat

No kidding. I like laundromats! I really do, even if some of friends, like Nina, don’t. I wish that you could see her face when she is talking about laundromats; it’s not very pretty.

Don’t you feel that it’s a miracle, or truly wonderful, that  you can get your clothes clean in around two hours? I am from a country with no laundromats. It often takes us one week  to get our clothes washed in the winter! Sometimes, if the weather turned humid, the clothes would have an unpleasant smell. Then we would have to wash them again.  I assure you that’s not pleasant at all.

We have several sets of bed sheets and covers in our home. On one hand, it’s really nice that your bed could have different styles each week, but  on the other hand, they take a lot of space if you have a little apartment or if you are living with a roommate.

Please don’t laugh if I say that going to a laundromat gives me a romantic feeling. Do you remember there was a scene  in “Friends” where Ross and Rachel went to laundromat to do laundry together? Yes. That’s why!  That  scene always brings out feelings of romance in me.

A trip to laundromat to wash clothes also has turned a good way for me to get my creative blood flowing after sitting in front of a computer for too long. I bet you all know the feeling of sitting.

That’s why I like laundromats. Sometimes, I wonder how many stories have happened in such places?

(Photo by Jay Mantri.)



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