When I was on the line in Wholefoods, the lady in front of me turned back and gave me a very smile. Suddenly, the tiredness of my whole body and soul was gone. Yes, a smile can be so powerful!

Every morning I become more cheerful when I ride my bike pass by the small wood factory. Those lovely early hard working workers say “Morning!” with their bouncy voice. The beautiful music from the little bookstore makes me want to dance in the air. The owner has an impeccable music taste. I feel honored when he waves his hand at me. What a shame. I have never been inside.  That day, a guy walking past me suddenly turned around and asked me, “Do you want a lollipop? You look sad.” Then I laughed. Yes, I was so upset about something that day.

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Monday, That Day


Another Monday starts. I really want to say, “How exciting is that!” But the truth is Monday always has a strange vibe for me. In the morning, I would say to myself, “God, another week passed. I don’t think I achieved much.” However, back when I was working on a job I really didn’t like, my Monday situation was much worse. On Mondays, I was so psychologically sick. It took me forever to get the office. I even didn’t care if my boss was mad at me because I was sooooo late. When the day ended, I would be physically exhausted no matter if it’s a busy day.

Yes, I was so afraid of Mondays.

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