My Favorite Photography Instagram Accounts

Ummm… How many people am I following on Instagram right now? 849! (The number may change when you read this post.)  Instagram has become one of the major platforms for me to find inspirations.There are so many talented people and beautiful stories. Every day is like a journey of discovery for me.  It is also one of the major sources for me to improve my photography skills. So today, I would love to share with you my favorite photography Instagram accounts!

Benjamin Heath (@benjaminheath)

Ingrid Hofstra (@ingridhofstra)

Luisa Brimble (@luisabrimble)

Lee Seung Wook (@_leeseungwook_)

Lev Fazio (@levfazio)

I have regularly been inspired by the images posted by these super talented photographers.  Please check them out. Hope you can be inspired as much as I am!