Dear Little You,

Did you have a good day? Laughed and danced a lot like usual. I bet you did!

I videoed chatted with your uncle yesterday. Yeah. When he was working. I am not so sure if he is really enjoying his current job. But he definitely enjoys more than his last one.  Anyway.  We talked about you a little bit!!! He said you were getting cuter and cuter. He told me when you visited him last time, you told him that your little aunt ate your lollipop. My god, I am sorry about that. But I am glad you told your uncle about that. You can always trust and go to him for help anytime. He will always be there for you. Of course, you can also always come to me too! Not matter where I am, I am there for you.

Two days ago, your mom sent me the video that you were playing in the snow. You seemed so excited! I am proud of you that you said thank you when your little aunt handled you the snowball. You are such a polite person. I couldn’t remember I said thank you to others when I was a kid. Back then I was very shy. But to assure you, I am a very polite person now.

Your mom said you often gave your little brother lessons. Um… See, you are a big sister now! But please don’t be too hard on him since he can only say a few words so far. I am sure you love him a lot. And I know you guys are a great team. Do you remember how much you missed him when you went to the beach last time? That’s really sweet.  You will become a much better sister than I was. When your mom and I were little, I didn’t want her to follow me.  I am sure she would complain it to you one day.

Oh, you must wonder what book I am reading now. Albert Einstein’s biography!  I am still at the chapter which he was struggling looking for a job. I want you to know we all have difficulties in our life, even people who have genius minds.  Never give up and look forward. Always try to do what you love. That’s the lessons I have learnt so far.

Ok. I really don’t want this letter to bore you. Will write to you next time.


Your cool aunt

(Photo by Jay Mantri. Thank you, Jay!)